All About Our Mother

This is Madam A aka Binary Twins’ mom.
She is 74 years young and she is full of life.
She has been instrumental in helping us to make Binary Style brand a reality.
She is our biggest fan and critic.
Her energy inspires us. Her uncompromising standard of quality teaches us to always try hard to give the best we can offer.
If we are half the woman she is one day, we will consider ourselves blessed!
We are proud to be her daughters and hope that she is proud of us too 🙂


We had a great time doing this photo session. She is such a wonderful model. She is totally at ease in front of the camera and she poses with aplomb. Such a joy to see her totally in her elements. This photo shoot is not her first and definitely will not be the last one.

(One who refuses to sit down on ‘Priority Seats’ on public transports and one who often poses for picture with a kawaii hand gesture- her upbeat attitude toward ageing changes our perception of getting older).

Remember Grace and Frankie? There is so much life after 70!!