Happy in Wonderland


When her beloved mini dachshund passed away at the age of 16, Mom was broken-hearted. The soft-mannered dog was Mom’s shadow and loyal companion, following her around the house from room to room. It’s not the same anymore at home without her.

As luck would have it, somebody was looking for a good home for one of his newly born dachshunds. Mom didn’t think twice and thus Happy the dachshund came into her life and straight into her heart. Arriving at her new home, the tiny pup instantly found her wonderland in Mom’s well-kept leafy garden. It is pure happiness to see Happy runs around with her giant ears flapping and bouncing about along the way. For the pup, we dare to say, the garden gives her almost a psychedelic moment.

So a touch of happiness returns to the garden and the happy thought put back a smile on Mom’s face.

Chiffon Polyester, size 115x115cm, machine-hemmed

This design is inspired by our beautiful Mom and her newly found happiness.

In memory of Delta the dog.