Cool Stroll Along Haji Lane

Haji Lane manifests cool and hip Singapore sub-culture. Dynamic clashing colours greet you upon a stroll along this historic lane. Brightly painted walls, windows and doors compete for your attention, projecting edgy urban vibes. Stepping inside beyond these lively facades, one encounters everything a cool neighbourhood could offer: live music, a mean cup of coffee, ethnic food and unique designer pieces. You will never find anything ordinary here.

Chiffon Polyester 95cmx95cm

Hand wash with cold water and low-heat iron

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A design collaboration project with Yoshi Andrian

About the artist:

Yoshi Andrian is an illustrator and graphic designer.He draws his inspiration from everyday mundane routines, children’s toys, socio political observation, mythology and pop culture. He is known for his penchant for delivering witty social commentary through his works.He works using transmedia approach combining traditional and digital aesthetic. Most of his works feature sketch style with vivid colours.He has created a large body of works such as book illustration, political illustration, corporate logo, caricatures, T-shirt artwork and many more.