A Walk in Hyde Park: a Collaboration with Naiise UK

We love London.

This city is just so vibrant. It is edgy yet it is classic.

Admittedly we don’t get to visit it as often as we would like to.

When the good people of Naiise asked us to design a special UK themed scarf design, we immediately thought of London and its majestic Hyde Park.

Why Hyde Park? Because its energy and vibrancy has never failed to infect those lucky enough to step into this magnificent 350 acre green sanctuary in the heart of London.
On a sunny afternoon, stroll among the handsome oaks, home to busy little squirrels nibbling on acorns, greet fellow corgi lovers with their beloved pets in tow, and relax by the famous Serpentine Lake with a pot of tea while the graceful geese swim by. Featuring a bird’s eye view layout of Hyde Park, spot the colourful patterns of quintessentially British icons such as teapots, corgis, squirrels, geese and oak tree leaves on this scarf and let it transport you right back into the heart of majestic Hyde Park.

Silk Twill 100% Silk 87cmx87cm

Dry clean only and low-heat iron

This scarf is available at

Naiise UK