Our Story

Founded: Singapore

Year: 2015

Our products: Original design square scarves inspired by Singapore stories

Our founders:

The brains behind the brand are the bespectacled twin sisters, Santhi and Sari Tunas. The twins who have a great passion for colours and patterns are both trained as architects.

With (two pairs of) great eyes for details, each twin is their other half’s toughest critic and number one supporter. Each twin brings to the table a distinct design style and the result is a vast choice of interesting designs that delight their loyal followers.

Brand concept

The concept of the brand is to create wearable products that are unique and meaningful. Binary Style seeks to create scarves with a story, conversation-starter pieces that are not only beautiful but are also comfortable to wear and are well-made. Something that people are proud to wear and also proud to give.

Binary Style debut and core collection is The Singapore Stories. The collection is a tribute to the twins’ current and beloved tropical home, Singapore. The scarves capture richness of life, nature, ubiquitous scenes, architecture and heritage of Singapore. Tiong Bahru, Bukit Timah forest, Botanic Gardens , Katong are to name among many others of their local design inspirations.

Unique, catchy and timeless scarves

Since the initial launch, Binary Style’s square scarves have been gaining popularity among locals and expats. Being square in shape, the scarves are not only a timeless accessory but they are also highly versatile . They can be worn in many ways; around the neck, as a top, as sarong or even as a headwear or turban. The scarves easily jazz up any outfit with their vibrant colors.

Not just another scarf

With Singapore at the brand’s heart, Binary Style scarves are not just another scarf, it is a scarf with a story and it is a beautiful gift.

Gift-giving is important and the twins recognize that so they seek to create a memorable experience for the recipients and the givers. Every recipient is special and it is a privilege to be able to share the (Singapore) story to each one of them and present it nicely.  Each scarf comes in  an elegant envelope that is embossed with easily recognizable Binary Style logo and with a story card. The packaging is not only stylish but also designed to be a flat packaging thus giving ease to givers should they need to travel with it or they need to ship it over.

Binary Style scarves is a proudly DESIGNED IN SINGAPORE products

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Love our designs and the way we tell stories? We are able to do a CUSTOMISED SCARF FOR YOUR CORPORATE/ PRIVATE EVENTS. Write to us to see how we can help you to create a gift that is set to impress your guests.

We have completed several projects for the corporate sector and goverment institutions including Singapore AirlinesNational Heritage Board and Ministry of Trade and Industry.